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Imo: Opposition Rebuilding, Not Destroying, Uzodimma Not In Charge, By Ogu Bundu Nwadike

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The more the organized opposition in Imo State tries to allow Senator Hope Uzodimma to settle down in the State and deliver good leadership and good governance, the more he tries to unsettle the organized opposition with lies, falsehood, propaganda and blackmail.

A number of Imo-based newspapers have had it as front page news, the insinuations and allegations that the organized opposition that’s led by the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) in Imo State has been carrying out activities capable of destroying the State.

“Don’t Destroy Imo For Your Selfish Interests, Uzodinma Warns Opposition”! That was prominent on the front pages of the local newspapers. And it pleases the opposition to respond that Uzodimma is crying after marching the millipede to death!

Uzodimma has done more harm than harm to Imo State and Imo people in his troubled 21 months of illegitimate occupation of Douglas House, after the Supreme Court made him governor on January 14, 2020.

Why he turns around to poke his fraudulent fingers at the well organized opposition in Imo State is open to critical analysis. How’s the opposition destroying the State? Is it physically, spiritually, politically, socially or economically?

Instead of saying that the opposition is destroying the State, Uzodimma should appreciate the opposition for helping him immensely with pro bono constructive criticisms. 

Truth is that the opposition pushes Uzodimma to start the few relevant actions and activities that he starts. The opposition remarkably guides the working and running of government by Uzodimma. Otherwise, Imo State would have founderd long ago. 

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Imo PDP, for instance, continually urge its teeming members across the State to remain calm and peaceful in the face of Uzodimma’s anti-people acts, actions and activities. 

Imo PDP, through its elected lawmakers and representatives in the National and State Assemblies, has been providing in their constituencies, people-oriented programmes and project such as roads, bridges, electric power transformers, solar powered water boreholes, modern equipment to enhance mechanized agriculture, healthcare clinics, public toilets, classroom blocks, with micro cash gifts, andoans for small scale businesses, etcetera. 

It’s argued in some quarters that Imo PDP has provided more people-oriented programmes and projects in parts of the State than Uzodimma and his APC has been able to do. And to a large extent, that view is true. 

A cloned front page of “ThisDay, a national newspaper, surfaced on the social media few days ago, mischievously and indeed maliciously alleging that Uzodimma promised to give wives to Fulani settlers free of charge.

But instead of Uzodimma deploying intelligence to determine the source of the propaganda and blackmail, he absolutely concluded that it was the opposition, and has unfairly and unjustly been vilifying the august institution of government and governance.

The opposition promptly washed off its hands from Uzodimma’s false allegations and accusations against it, asking him to also look inwards as he has enemies within, who can do that and even worse to hurt and harm the PDP on his behalf.

Sadly and unfortunately, instead of Uzodimma to exercising restraint and doing his homework on the matter, he has insistently fingered the opposition for the attacks on him, which the opposition knows nothing about.

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In the contrary, it can be easily attested to by Ndimo that since illegitimately assuming office, Uzodimma has been on a mission to destroy Imo State. In fact, even before his fraudulent Ben Johnson Way emergence at the Supreme Court, Uzodimma meant evil and destruction for Imo State and Imo people.

This he has amply manifested in his established knack and penchant for peddling lies, falsehood, propaganda and blackmail against the State and people of Imo. He lied himself into Douglas House, denying Ndimo the benefits of their precious votes and mandates. 

And above all of that, he publicly threatens to destroy the State and the people with bombs and bombings! By his words and deeds, he’s steadily destroying Imo State! There’s an unprecedented high level of insecurity in the State. 

Uzodimma recently commenced the massive demolition of the businesses and business buildings of Imo people, in this period of enduring of the poverty he’s sharing in Imo State. Mortuary is the leading business venture in Imo State, as all morgues in the State are reportedly filled up! 

Opposition in Imo State only airs its views on issues of State importance by way of pro bono constructive criticisms, which unwisely Uzodimma abhors and detests, expecting opposition to do the impossible of either keeping silent or sycophantically singing songs of praise and worship for him!

Evidently, Uzodimma isn’t in charge de affaires of Imo State. He’s at best “the hands of Esau and the voice of Jacob” for his Abuja-based paymasters. That’s Uzodimma speaks and recants at rather rapid frequency. He’s an _”okara ozo eme ozo”!_ 

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We’ll leave it all to the Supreme God and the good people of Imo State, Nigeria and the world to judge between Uzodimma and the organized opposition in Imo State, who’s actually destroying the State. The world is watching!

By God’s grace, Imo State must be rebuilt!!

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