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Wednesday, November 30, 2022

Burning Of 65,699 PVCs Pure Sabotage By Losers – Obi-Datti Group

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The Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) offices in Ogun and Osun states were stormed on Thursday, and “losers” who carried out the raid destroyed 65,699 uncollected Permanent Voters Cards (PVCs).

The group claimed in a statement on Saturday that the action was an outright act of sabotage against the Nigerian nation, its people, and its future.

The group encouraged the Federal Government to support its pledge to hold free and credible elections in 2023 by safeguarding the personnel, infrastructure, and supplies used by INEC.

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Burning INEC offices poses a serious threat to the 2023 general elections, according to Obi-Datti Media Organization

The extremely worrisome news of the burning down of the Ogun State Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) headquarters was received by the Obi-Datti Media Organization with complete shock. A similar incident has previously happened in Osun State.
Many election-related items, including permanent voter cards that had yet to be collected by their owners, were proven to have been destroyed by the inferno.

Given the substantial risk and threat it presents to the conduct of free, fair, and legitimate elections next year, we strongly condemn this arson.
In particular, we want to attract Nigerians’ attention to the following: 1. That the burning of INEC offices and materials is only a sabotage against the Nigerian nation, her people, and her future, with no benefit to the perpetrators of the horrible crime.

  1. The majority of the newly registered voters, who demonstrated unheard-of enthusiasm for the elections by turning out in droves to register, have yet to get their PVCs, and they will be the worst victims of this sabotage.
  1. There are millions of people waiting to pick up their PVCs, and if this nasty trend is not stopped, millions of Nigerians would lose their right to vote.
  2. That the outcome of the elections next year won’t accurately represent the preferences of the vast majority of Nigerians if this level of disenfranchisement persists.
  3. It is clear that the unpatriotic criminals organizing and carrying out disruption of the 2023 elections are those who have realized they will lose if INEC continues to hold free and fair elections.
  4. Only if a popular and trustworthy president is elected next year will the current dangers to Nigeria’s continuing existence as a peaceful and prosperous country be resolved.
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