Floods wiped out quarter of Greek farm produce: experts

A quarter of Greece’s annual agricultural production was wiped out in last week’s deadly flash floods, according to experts. The floods, which killed 15 people, also left thousands of people homeless and inaccessible to emergency services.

The worst damage was in the central region of Thessaly, which accounts for nearly a third of the country’s arable land and over 18 percent of its crops. Farmers in the region are in a state of panic, as the floods have destroyed their crops and livestock.

The floods were caused by Storm Daniel, which brought torrential rains to the region. Some parts of Thessaly received over three feet of rain in just a few days.

The floods have also caused serious damage to infrastructure, including roads, bridges, and railways. The Athens-Thessaloniki national highway is under water, and rail services from Athens to Thessaloniki are likely to be disrupted for months.

The Greek government has come under fire for failing to adequately prepare for the floods. Millions of euros were spent on flood prevention after similar floods in 2020, but the measures were clearly inadequate.

The government has promised to provide financial assistance to farmers and other businesses affected by the floods. However, it is unclear when the region will be able to recover from the devastation.

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