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Uzodinma’s Confusion In Office Is Nemesis For Plotting Evil Against Imo Development

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By Jimogu, S. C.


Governance in any democracy is a serious business that requires serious minded people. It involves a planned process, that is why during electioneering campaigns political parties and their candidates present their blueprint otherwise known as manifesto to the public. This manifesto contains their programmes and events if elected into office.

History will never hold anything against me, because it was very clear to Imolites that Uzodinma did not campaign any day neither did he present any manifesto anywhere in Imo state. This simply depicts unpreparedness, even in his own local government of oru East. 

Uzodinma has been known in history as a short cut politician, one who never believes  in the processes of free, fair and credible elections.

In any case, by omission or commission Uzodinma has been made governor. No problem! But one continue to ask what manner of governor is Uzodinma? A governor who lives in Abuja and govern Imo from there. A governor who is hadly seen in the public or even in Douglas house.

A governor who moves about with heavy security personnel in and around Abuja and scarcely in Imo. Why is Uzodinma running away from his responsibilities as the Chief security officer of Imo State? Why is Uzodinma getting confused day by day? Why can’t Uzodinma concentrate and serve the people of Imo? Why has Uzodinma decided to sojourn in Abuja as if he is the governor of Abuja? What is so special in Abuja that Uzodinma cannot ignore and face governance in Imo?

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The moment Absalom and Ahitophel conspired against a servant of God(David) to kill him, David only prayed to God to turn the counsel of Ahitophel into foolishness and that was the end of the road for both Absalom and Ahitophel. The moment pharoah showed stubbornness to let Isreal go, God visited him with great plaques. When Goliath troubled Isreal, God made him a wild being. Ahab was greedy over a man’s inheritance and his wife Jezebel ordered the killing of Naboath with her husband’s name, God destroyed him, the way he has killed Naboath

Therefore, no sin will go unpunished before God

Uzodinma conspired with some agents of retrogression and halted the good work of rebuilding Imo state led by HE. Emeka Ihedioha and his team and brought hardship, insecurity, non payment of salaries and pensions, bad roads in Imo state.

Imo people assembled in Owerri and prayed against the wicked supreme Court ruling. Today Uzodinma has become a foreigner in his own father land. The people cried to their God and He answered them. Whatever that is happening in Imo today.is beyond the knowledge of men. It is more of mystery. You can’t cheat God.

The four years term is gradually winding up, but nothing to show for it. But in seven months of rebuild Imo admnistration, there was evidences of good governance everywhere. Now, why all these darkness in Imo?

Those who tried God received their judgement accordingly. The confusion noticed around Uzodinma today is a pay-back for stopping good tidings and for halting positivism in favour of negativism.

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